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This week's Bake! - 5/29/23

Let's add some Spring into your step!! This week's BUTTER SWEET BAKE includes 6 different cookies, which includes one New Cookie!!

Our Weekly Selection includes our PB Jam Jam, Reba, PBMnM,  RazzMaTaz, Gimme Gimme S'More, and Phone Home!

We typically ship 6 cookies to a box. Able to Mix and Match! 

Cookies are available in limited quantities. When they are gone, they are gone! Pricing is per cookie.

Baked fresh and shipped/delivered on Thursday.

**NEW** FREE Local Delivery Available to select Zip Codes. $15 minimum order.

This week's Bake! - 5/29/23

A half Vanilla, half Raspberry Sugar Cookie to add some RazzMaTaz to your life!
Our Signature Peanut Butter Cookie with a raspberry jam thumbprint. This is a must try!
Named after the famed Extra-Terrestrial from the 80's, we bring you a Chocolate Cookie with Peanu...


Our Browned Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookie with Hazelnut Coffee and stuffed with Nutella. The hint...
A Chocolate Chip Cookie base with Graham Cracker, Milk Chocolate Chunks, stuffed with Marshmallow...


Peanut Butter lover's rejoice! Peanut Butter cookie with chocolate MnM's to add that extra sweetn...

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