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This week's Bake! - 1/25/22

This week's BUTTER SWEET BAKE includes 4 different cookies.

Select from the Phone Home, Gimme - Gimme S'more, Harry, and Violet B!

We typically ship 6 cookies to a box. Able to Mix and Match! 

Cookies are available in limited quantities. When they are gone, they are gone! Pricing is per Each.

Baked fresh and shipped on Thursday.

**NEW** FREE Local Delivery Available to select Zip Codes. $15 minimum order.

This week's Bake! - 1/25/22
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All of the flavors of Butterbeer wrapped up in a cookie. It will certainly put a spell on you. It...
Out of stock
Named after the famed Extra-Terrestrial from the 80's, we bring you a Chocolate Cookie with Peanu...
Out of stock
Lemon cookie with dried blueberries and white chips. Catchy name huh?
Out of stock
A Chocolate Chip Cookie base with Graham Cracker, Milk Chocolate Chunks, and Stuffed with Marshma...

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